150-year-old British vessel found underwater in Aulavik National Park

By BNO News

NORTHWEST TERRITORIES, CANADA (BNO NEWS) – A 150-year-old British vessel was found underwater in the Aulavik National Park, 600 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle, CTV globe media reported on Wednesday.

The discovery was made by archeologists working for Parks Canada on July 25 in the Aulavik National Park in Mercy Bay. The group was on their way to an Arctic expedition. The vessel was found two-thirds of the way through Parks Canada’s expedition.

The British vessel is covered in a grey film and is sitting 11 meters underwater. The British navy ship sank over 150 years ago during a rescue mission. The expedition team has divided; some will stay analyzing the area while the rest will continue the British vessel’s mission.

Around 1850, the British vessel, Investigator, sailed on a rescue mission to the Arctic. The vessel was ordered to locate and rescue two ships: HMS Erebus and HMS Terror.

However, the Investigator became stuck in ice while sailing through the Arctic. The crew remained with the 122-ton ship for over two years before abandoning it.

Parks Canada planned the discovery over a year ago. The main concern was getting the crews so far north. Once they arrived the task was easier than expected and in 15 minutes they were able of uncovering the Investigator.

On August 10, crews will go in the search of the missing HMS Erebus and HMS Terror. Parks Canada expects that the vessels will be found with little difficulty.

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