Boeing Airborne Laser Test Bed receives AFA award

By BNO News

NATIONAL HARBOR, MARYLAND (BNO NEWS) – Boeing Airborne Laser Test Bed (ALTB) on Monday received the 2010 Theodore Von Karman Award at the Air Force Association’s (AFA) Air & Space Conference and Technology Exposition.

This annual award is the AFA’s highest honor in the field of science and engineering. The Theodore Von Karman Award recognizes the Boeing ALTB’s achievements in directed energy research and development.

“It is an honor to represent Boeing’s Airborne Laser team as it is recognized for this significant industry award. This is a testament to the historic breakthroughs that this program has made, and to the outstanding work of the entire team,” said ALTB Program Manager Rich Flanders.

ALTB is an advanced platform, under development, for the Department of Defense’s directed energy research program. Boeing is the prime contractor for ALTB, which last February made history after it shot down a ballistic missile in its boost phase.

After that, ALTB has successfully engaged a total of eight missiles in subsequent experiments. Each time, the team continues to make breakthroughs in the application of laser technologies like advanced optics, beam control and pointing. Such future capabilities are critically important for U.S. warfighters.

“The Airborne Laser team is not only a leader in the field of directed energy applications, but continues to raise the bar. The milestones you have already achieved prove the great potential for directed energy technologies,” said AFA President Mike Dunn.

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