Bridgeport, CT drug kingpin sentenced to almost 28 years

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BRIDGEPORT, CONNECTICUT (BNO NEWS) – A Connecticut drug kingpin was sentenced to almost 28 years in federal prison, prosecutors said Wednesday.

George Sanchez, 31, formerly of Bridgeport, Connecticut, from approximately January 2002 to February 2009, headed a large-scale cocaine and crack cocaine distribution ring operating in Bridgeport.

Using the U.S. Mail, DHL, and other shipping services, Sanchez had, on average, two kilograms of cocaine shipped from Puerto Rico to various residences in Bridgeport each week. The cocaine was wrapped and secreted inside electronic devices such as VCRs, clothing, and other items. Once the packages were received in Bridgeport, he and his associates would process some of the cocaine into crack cocaine, and package the cocaine and crack cocaine for distribution to other narcotics traffickers in the Bridgeport area.

A year-long joint law enforcement investigation headed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Safe Streets Task Force, “Operation G-Force,” has been probing Bridgeport-area narcotics trafficking. It has led to the federal prosecution of 46 individuals, including Sanchez, and involved a seven-month court-authorized wiretap, controlled purchases of cocaine, crack cocaine, and heroin, search and seizure warrants, and physical surveillance.

Evidence collected during the course of the investigation included two kilograms of cocaine, which were seized in Puerto Rico, destined for an address in Bridgeport used frequently by Sanchez and his associates for the delivery of cocaine.

Sanchez, the undisputed leader of the drug conspiracy, also possessed firearms in connection with his drug-trafficking activities. In imposing sentence, the judge found that Sanchez was responsible for the distribution of more than 150 kilograms of cocaine, the largest amount of cocaine provided for under the federal Sentencing Guidelines.

Sanchez was sentenced Wednesday to 330 months of imprisonment, followed by 10 years of supervised release.

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