Elizabeth Smart’s accused kidnapper collapses in court

By BNO News

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (BNO NEW) — Elizabeth Smart’s suspected 2002 kidnapper on Tuesday collapsed in a Salt Lake City, Utah court after reportedly suffering a seizure.

Brian David Mitchell, 57, who came in court singing “O Holy Night,” was seated at the defense table in shackles when he suddenly became silent before yelling and collapsing at around 8:50 a.m. local time. Paramedics attended him quickly, taking him out in a stretcher for an ambulance to take him to a nearby hospital.

Medical reports have not been released to confirm Mitchell suffering from a seizure, but he was conscious while being taken away. Mitchell has constantly exhibited odd behaviour throughout the trial. On one occasion, he was even thrown out of court for singing hymns for about 30 minutes.

Mitchell is being charged for the kidnapping of Smart when she was 14 year old in 2002, as well as sexual assault. Smart testified that she was taken from her bed with a knife held against her throat late at night. She was taken into the foothills of Salt Lake City, where she was raped.

Smart was found 9 months later in the company of Mitchell and his wife only 18 miles from her home after a passerby reported spotting them.

Mitchell’s attorneys have alleged he is legally insane.

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