European Parliament elects László Tőkés as Vice-President

By BNO News

BRUSSELS (BNO NEWS) – The European Parliament elected László Tőkés of Romania as one of the fourteen Vice-Presidents, the European Union announced on Tuesday.

The European’s People Party nominee Tőkés was elected by 334 votes in favor and 287 abstentions. He will replace former Vice-President Pál Schmitt of Hungary, after Schmitt’s election as Speaker of the Hungarian Parliament.

Tőkés is a member of the Committee on Culture and Education as well as in the Subcommittee on Human Rights. He has been part of EU delegations to Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Kosovo.

The European Parliament is the only directly–elected body of the European Union. The 736 members of the Parliament are elected once every five years by voters right across the 27 Member States of the European Union on behalf of its 500 million citizens.

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