Georgia man sentenced to 30 years for leading a drug trafficking organization

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ATLANTA (BNO NEWS) – A McDonough, Georgia man was sentenced on Friday to 30 years of imprisonment for his role in a drug trafficking conspiracy, prosecutors said.

Marlon Burton, 38, ran a sophisticated drug-trafficking organization for over ten years while pretending to be running a legitimate contracting business in Atlanta. Burton purchased narcotics from a Mexican drug cartel and eventually became integrated into such. He was in charge of the cartel’s interests in Georgia.

In November 2008, the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Atlanta began to investigate Burton and his operation. The FBI quickly confirmed that Burton operated a drug ring in the Atlanta area and that he was involved with members of a Mexican drug cartel.

Burton also flew to Mexico in order to negotiate prices and quantities of drugs that will be shipped to Atlanta. The FBI used wiretaps during the year-long investigation to learn more about Burton’s illegal activities. Burton’s organization distributed large amounts of cocaine and marijuana.

The FBI began intercepting key information regarding drug cargos. In 2009, they were able to stop a tractor trailer in McDonough carrying over 40 kilograms of cocaine.

Burton also laundered his drug profits through his construction company. He generated millions of dollars from the sale of narcotics. It is estimated that he laundered over $1.5 million in this way.

Eight other individuals were indicted in December 2009 in relation to this organization. Prinston Carter was sentence to four years in prison; Decarlo Tatum was sentenced to 11 years, three months behind bars; and Rufino Pruneda was ordered a nine-year prison term.

Three additional co-conspirators, Innecencio Ochoa, David Ruiz and Otoniel Herrera await sentencing. Marco Duron is currently at large.

In addition to his prison term, Burton was ordered to five years of supervised release and the forfeit his vehicles and residence in Clayton County, Georgia.

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