Phoenix real estate agent pleads guilty for role in mortgage fraud scheme

By BNO News

PHOENIX, ARIZONA (BNO NEWS) – A Phoenix, Arizona real estate agent pleaded guilty to misprision of a felony for her role in a mortgage fraud scheme, prosecutors announced on Thursday.

Natasha Swallows-Feagins, 31, was contacted by co-defendants Samuel and Georgiana Dobos to represent three straw buyers. Swallows-Feagins, in her role as a real estate agent represented three buyers who bought nine residences. She also facilitated transactions where loan applications were submitted to lenders containing false information.

All nine properties that Swallows-Feagins sold went into foreclosure. This includes her own residence, sold to a straw buyer, where he received $37,000 in proceeds.

The whole conspiracy involved twenty-six homes that went into foreclosure. Two defendants, George Babeti and Brandon Azedegan, were sentenced to prison. Daniel Morar and Cosmina Bunea are fugitives that are believed to have fled to Romania

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