Pilgrim’s Pride to reopen complex in Douglas, GA, creating 1,400 jobs

By BNO News

DOUGLAS, GEORGIA (BNO NEWS) – Pilgrim's Pride will invest approximately $30 million to re-open its chicken processing complex in Douglas, Georgia, hiring in the process around 1,400 jobs, Governor Sonny Perdue announced on Wednesday.

The Douglas plant is expected to be fully operational by January 2011. At that time, the company plans to have hired up to 1,400 workers and process approximately 1.3 million of chickens per week.

In addition, Pilgrim's Pride expects to contract with 160 local growers to supply the Douglas plant. Customized training for the company's workers will be provided by Georgia Quick Start in order to help workers to reach full production on time.

"The economic imprint of Pilgrim’s Pride is enormous, not only to the state’s poultry industry, but to the growers and suppliers in the region. We are proud that Pilgrim’s Pride has recognized the value Georgia brings to poultry companies. There is no doubt the company will benefit from a workforce with deep experience in this industry," said Perdue.

Pilgrim's Pride is quickly preparing for the re-opening as the presence of the company in the region affects more than 3,700 jobs in Georgia. For the last fifty years, poultry has become a strong part of the state's economy.

Last week, Pilgrim's Pride appointed John Haas as live production manager for the upcoming plant in Douglas, in Coffee County. Haas will be responsible for the local pullet, breeder, hatchery, feed mill, grow-out and live haul operations.

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