‘Touchdown Jesus’ near Monroe, Ohio on fire after lightning strike

By BNO News

MONROE, OHIO (BNO NEWS) -- The famous 'Touchdown Jesus' statue in Ohio was engulfed in flames after a lightning strike on late Monday, police said on early Tuesday.

The statue, officially called "King of Kings" but known to Ohioan natives as "Touchdown Jesus," is a 62-foot (19 meters)-tall statue of Jesus located along I-75 near Monroe, a city in southwest Ohio. It depicts Jesus from the chest up, with his arms and head raised to the sky.

A dispatcher with the Monroe Department of Police said the statue was fully engulfed in flames after a lightning strike. "I got the call at about a quarter after eleven," she said.

The statue was designed by Brad Coriel and was sculpted by James Lynch. It is located in the front of Solid Rock Church, and to some the statue is known as "Big Butter Jesus."

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