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WASHINGTON, D.C. (BNO NEWS) — Hackers belonging to a group which calls itself ‘AntiSec’ on Tuesday claimed it infiltrated the laptop of an FBI agent in New York and stole a file containing some personal information and identification numbers for more than 12 million Apple products.

A post on the text-sharing website Pastebin said ‘Anonymous’ affiliate AntiSec hacked the laptop of FBI agent Christopher Stangl during the second week of March 2012 by using a vulnerability in the computer’s Java software. The group said it downloaded a CSV file which turned out to be a list of 12,367,232 unique device identifiers (UDIDs) for Apple devices.

AntiSec said the file also contained some user names, name of device, type of device, Apple Push Notification Service tokens, zip codes, cellphone numbers, addresses and other personal details. But the hackers acknowledged that the personal details fields were often empty, leaving the list incomplete.

To demonstrate it has the information, AntiSec released more than 1 million of the Apple numbers. “We will probably see their damage control teams going hard lobbying media with bullshits to discredit this, but well, whatever, at least we tried and eventually, looking at the massive number of devices concerned, someone should care about it,” the group said in its statement.

It added: “Also we think it’s the right moment to release this knowing that Apple is looking for alternatives for those UDID currently and since a while blocked axx to it, but well, in this case it’s too late for those concerned owners on the list. We always thought it was a really bad idea. that hardware coded IDs for devices concept should be eradicated from any device on the market in the future.”

Soon after the release of the data, the FBI’s official Twitter account denied that the agency has this information. “Statement soon on reports that one of our laptops with personal info was hacked. We never had info in question. Bottom Line: TOTALLY FALSE,” the tweet said.

An FBI spokesman later emailed a brief statement. “The FBI is aware of published reports alleging that an FBI laptop was compromised and private data regarding Apple UDIDs was exposed,” he said. “At this time there is no evidence indicating that an FBI laptop was compromised or that the FBI either sought or obtained this data.”

The leak raised questions online why the FBI would be in possession of such data. “No other file on the same folder makes mention about this list or its purpose,” AntiSec said in its statement. The group said it believes the data is for an FBI “tracking people project” and suggested the Apple devices are being tracked, but AntiSec provided no evidence to support that claim.

Technology security experts described the breach as serious but said the information will not allow hackers to break into peoples’ iPhones.

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BRENTWOOD, NEW YORK (BNO NEWS) — A worker was killed on late Saturday when he reached under a spinning amusement ride at a carnival on New York’s Long Island to grab something, police said on Monday morning. State and federal authorities are investigating the death.

The accident happened at around 7:25 p.m. local time on Saturday when the carnival worker, identified as 22-year-old Michael Austin of Mastic, had just gotten off of a break from his job at The Feast of Mother Cabrini fair in Brentwood, a hamlet of the Town of Islip in Suffolk County on the eastern portion of Long Island.

“He bent down and reached under the Scat ride to grab something,” said Commissioner Edward Webber of the Suffolk County Police Department, referring to a ride which features spinning baskets on a rotating arm. “When Austin stood up, he was struck in the head by the ride and was knocked to the ground at approximately 7:25 p.m.”

Webber said Austin was airlifted to Stony Brook Hospital by a Suffolk County Police helicopter but was later pronounced dead. “The ride, one of several at the fair that is being held at Suffolk County Community College, located on Crooked Hill Road, Brentwood, had passengers at the time of the incident but they were not injured,” he added.

Both the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Suffolk County Department of Labor were notified and are investigating the incident.

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NEW YORK CITY (BNO NEWS) — A gunman was killed and nine bystanders were injured Friday in a shootout near the Empire State Building in New York City, officials said on Saturday. The gunman had minutes earlier shot and killed a former co-worker.

The incident began at around 9 a.m. local time when 53-year-old Jeffrey Johnson was in a dispute with one of his former co-workers in front of Hazan Imports Corp. near the Empire State Building. Johnson allegedly produced a pistol and shot his 41-year-old victim in the head, killing him.

The gunman had been working as a designer of women’s accessories at Hazan Imports Corp. for about six years until he was laid off last year due to a downsizing at the company. Details about the dispute with the 41-year-old victim, whose identity has not yet been released, were not immediately known.

“The subject then fled eastbound on West 33rd Street to Fifth Avenue when he walked northbound along the curb-line with a .45-caliber handgun secreted in a black bag that he had under his arm,” New York Police Department (NYPD) Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said at a news conference.

A construction worker who had followed Johnson from the shooting at Hazan Imports Corp. alerted two uniformed police officers who were on post in front of the Empire State Building’s Fifth Avenue entrance as part of the NYPD’s counterterrorism coverage. The officers quickly approached Johnson as he attempted to flee the area.

“As the two officers approached Johnson he pulled his .45-caliber semiautomatic pistol from his bag and fired on the officers who returned fire, killing him,” Kelly said. “An additional nine individuals were either wounded or grazed during the exchange, six of whom were removed to Bellevue Hospital and three to New York Presbyterian/Cornell Medical Center. All are not likely to die.”

Police on Saturday said the nine people who were injured were hit by bullets from the officers, who fired a total of 16 rounds into a busy sidewalk. But Kelly defended the officers, saying they had no choice but to shoot Johnson, whose body was covered with 10 bullet wounds in the chest, arms and legs.

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WASHINGTON, D.C. (BNO NEWS) — Low-cost carrier JetBlue Airways Corp. has been fined $90,000 by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) after it failed to inform passengers of their right to leave the aircraft while it sat at the gate during a lengthy delay, officials said.

The incident happened on March 3 when JetBlue Flight 645 was scheduled to depart New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport at 7:30 p.m. local time and arrive at San Francisco International Airport in California at 11:16 p.m. local time. The boarding process began on time at 7:06 p.m., but the doors to the aircraft did not close until 9:55 p.m.

As the doors of the aircraft were open, passengers would have been able to exit the aircraft at any time on their own, but DOT rules require airlines to inform passengers of this possibility. An investigation into the March incident revealed that passengers on the aircraft were not notified that they had the right to leave the aircraft while it was stuck at the gate with its doors open.

“Airlines may not leave passengers stranded indefinitely aboard an aircraft, whether on the tarmac or at the gate, and passengers must be told if they are able to leave the plane,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. “At DOT, we are committed to protecting consumers when they travel by air, and will continue to take enforcement action when our rules are violated.”

JetBlue spokeswoman Tamara Young, however, said the doors to the aircraft remained open for only one hour and 49 minutes. “When the aircraft door was closed and the plane initially pushed back, three customers requested to return to the gate,” she said. “At that time, the aircraft immediately returned to the gate and one customer elected to deplane.”

DOT’s Aviation Enforcement Office also found that JetBlue’s contingency plan for long tarmac delays did not contain the assurance, as required by DOT rules, that passengers on delayed flights will receive notifications about the status of the delay, and the reasons for the delay, every 30 minutes.

Young acknowledged this and said the airline has updated its contingency plan. “Our policy regarding onboard ground delays, outlined in our Bill of Rights, is industry-leading,” she said. “However, we did not provide our customers with regular updates in this instance. This is not an example of the JetBlue experience. For this, we fully acknowledge our fault and will comply with the DOT ruling. We now have a fully compliant plan in place.”

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NEW YORK (BNO NEWS) — Helen Gurley Brown, the legendary editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine and whose book encouraged young women around the world to enjoy being single and take pleasure in sex, died Monday at a hospital in New York. She was 90 years old.

Gurley Brown died at NewYork–Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center on Monday after a brief stay, according to Hearst Corporation, giving no other details.

“Helen Gurley Brown was an icon. Her formula for honest and straightforward advice about relationships, career and beauty revolutionized the magazine industry,” said Frank A. Bennack, Jr., CEO of Hearst Corporation. “She lived every day of her life to the fullest and will always be remembered as the quintessential ‘Cosmo girl.’ She will be greatly missed.”

Widely heralded as a legend, Gurley Brown helped usher in the 1960s sexual revolution with her 1962 book ‘Sex and the Single Girl’ which dominated the bestseller lists for more than a year. The book, which has been published in 28 countries and translated into 16 languages, encouraged young women to enjoy being single, find fulfillment in work and non-marital relationships with men, and take pleasure in sex.

“Before I wrote my book, the thought was that sex was for men and women only caved in to please men,” Gurley Brown explained in 2006 when asked about her book, which was followed by the 1964 bestseller ‘Sex and the Office.’ “But I wrote what I knew to be true – that sex is pleasurable for both women and men.”

Gurley Brown continued her work, writing a syndicated newspaper advice column, making record albums and radio spots, and pitching plays, television shows, books, and new magazines for single women. A magazine called ‘Femme’ attracted the interest of Hearst Magazines, but instead of a new title, they agreed to let her try to revive Cosmopolitan magazine.

Gurley Brown officially became editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan in July 1965 and quickly launched it into publishing history. The magazine grew to 300 pages in the 1980s, a third of which were highly lucrative advertisements. Since then, its sales and advertising have risen spectacularly and Cosmopolitan remains the top-selling young women’s magazine in the world with 64 international editions which are distributed in 35 languages in more than 100 countries.

“Helen was an inspiration, a true success story. Her energy, enthusiasm and true passion for women’s issues unleashed a platform for women worldwide,” said David Carey, president of Hearst Magazines. “She brought the subject that every woman wanted to know about but nobody talked about, to life, literally, in Cosmo’s pages.”

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NEW YORK (BNO NEWS) — Two F-15 fighter jets intercepted two small airplanes that strayed into President Barack Obama’s airspace during a campaign visit to Connecticut and New York on Monday, military officials said. One of the pilots was questioned by local law enforcement.

The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) said the first incident happened at approximately 7 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) when a small experimental aircraft entered airspace over Long Island which had been temporarily closed because Air Force One was stationed at John F. Kennedy International Airport.

The fighter jets intercepted the small aircraft and escorted it to Long Island MacArthur Airport in Ronkonkoma, where it landed without incident. The pilot was questioned by local law enforcement, but it was not immediately clear why the plane had strayed into the restricted airspace.

The second incident happened about half an hour later, at 7:30 p.m. EDT, when another small aircraft flew into temporary restricted airspace near New Haven in Connecticut. It happened when Obama was delivering remarks for his re-election campaign at the Stamford Marriott Hotel in Stamford, about 30 miles (48 kilometers) southwest of New Haven.

Authorities said the second aircraft was allowed to proceed to its destination after it was intercepted, but gave no other details.

NORAD is tasked to prevent air attacks against North America and safeguard the sovereign airspaces of both the United States and Canada by responding to unauthorized air activity in or near these airspace. The organization is allowed to monitor, shadow, divert from flight path, direct to land and even destroy targets which are deemed to be a security threat to North America.

On Saturday, two F-16 fighter jets intercepted a small Beechcraft King Air airplane when it approached the Washington Metropolitan Area and failed to respond to repeated radio communications. The aircraft was intercepted and allowed to proceed to its destination after radio communications with air traffic control were re-established.

And last month, two Canadian CF-18 fighter jets intercepted a Sunwing Airlines Boeing 767-300 near Quebec City after the plane failed to respond to radio communications. The fighter jets were able to assist the aircraft in re-establishing radio communications with air traffic control, and the airliner then proceeded to its destination without incident. It was on a flight from Paris to Toronto.

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KABUL, AFGHANISTAN (BNO NEWS) — Insurgents attacked coalition service members in western Afghanistan on Sunday, killing two of them, the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) said. Four other coalition troops were injured in an unrelated incident in the south.

ISAF said two of its service members were killed as a result of an insurgent attack in Afghanistan’s west, which is relatively peaceful when compared to other regions in the war-torn country. But because the multinational force defers the release of specific details to national authorities, no other details about the incident were immediately available, including the exact location.

The nationalities of the service members involved were also not immediately disclosed by ISAF, again per its policy. “It is ISAF policy to defer casualty identification procedures to the relevant national authorities,” ISAF said in a brief statement, giving no specific details. The alliance does also not report injuries.

Meanwhile, the Army Operational Command in Denmark said four Danish soldiers were injured on Sunday morning when their armored vehicle was hit by an improvised explosive device (IED) north of Patrol Base Hazrat in Helmand province, located in southern Afghanistan. They were airlifted to a hospital at Camp Bastion but were not seriously injured.

Also on Sunday, the U.S. Department of Defense released the identity of an American soldier who died on Friday when insurgents attacked his unit with small arms fire in Kharwar district in Logar province of eastern Afghanistan. The casualty was identified as 23-year-old Pfc. Theodore M. Glende, of Rochester, New York.

The deaths on Sunday raise the number of coalition troops killed in Afghanistan so far this year to 265, according to official figures. A total of 566 ISAF troops were killed in Afghanistan in 2011, down from 711 in 2010. A majority of the fallen troops were American and were killed in the country’s south, which is plagued by IED attacks on troops and civilians.

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NEW YORK (BNO NEWS) — Screenwriter and filmmaker Nora Ephron, who is perhaps best remembered for her romantic comedy hits such as “Sleepless in Seattle” and “When Harry Met Sally,” died in New York City on Tuesday evening. She was 71.

Her son Jacob Bernstein told the New York Times that she died in Manhattan as a result of pneumonia brought on by acute myeloid leukemia, but few other details were released. Her New York-based publishing house, Alfred A. Knopf, confirmed Ephron’s death in a brief statement.

“It is with great sadness that we report that Nora Ephron has died at the age of 71, after a battle with leukemia,” the publishing house said in an e-mailed statement to reporters. “She brought an awful lot of people a tremendous amount of joy. She will be sorely missed.”

Ephron, born in New York City in 1941, moved to Beverly Hills at an early age before moving back to the East Coast where she studied political science in Massachusetts. After working briefly at the White House during the John F. Kennedy administration, she went back to New York and began her writing career.

After writing and reporting for several newspapers and magazines, Ephron began screenwriting and was ultimately nominated three times for the Academy Award for Writing Original Screenplay. She is probably best known for writing ‘Silkwood,’ ‘When Harry met Sally,’ ‘Sleepless in Seattle,’ and ‘You’ve Got Mail.’ Her most recent screenplay was 2009s ‘Julie and Julia.’

Ephron is survived by husband and fellow writer Nicholas Pileggi, her sisters Delia Ephron and Amy Ephron, and two sons, Jacob and Max Bernstein.

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GREECE, NEW YORK (BNO NEWS) — Donations continued to pour in from around the world on Friday after a 10-minute video showing the relentless bullying of an elderly New York school bus monitor went viral, raising more than half a million dollars which will allow her to retire.

Karen Klein, 68, who makes around $15,000 a year as a bus monitor in the town of Greece in Monroe County, was subjected to name-calling and other verbal abuse by four students from Greece Athena High School. The group of students, who filmed the incident and uploaded it to the social networking website Facebook, called Klein “fat” and “poor” among other insults.

At one point in the video, one of the students tells Klein she doesn’t have a family “because they all killed themselves because they didn’t want to be near you.” Although she did not hear it at the time, this comment was particularly upsetting to Klein because her son committed suicide about ten years ago.

The video on Facebook was uploaded to the video-sharing website YouTube by someone else to draw attention to the incident. It quickly went viral online, having received more than 4.3 million views as of Friday afternoon as U.S. and international media began to cover the video which has outraged people around the world.

Before the video went viral, an online fundraising campaign was set up by 25-year-old Toronto nutritionist Max Sidorov. “She doesn’t earn nearly enough to deal with some of the trash she is surrounded by,” he wrote on the campaign’s page. “Lets give her something she will never forget, a vacation of a lifetime!”

Sidorov initially hoped to raise $5,000 for Klein but, as the video and the story went viral around the world, tens of thousands of people made a donation. As of Friday afternoon, more than $550,000 has been raised with still 28 days left until the campaign on ends.

The Greece Central School District released a statement on Thursday in which it said it has been touched by the outpouring of support for Klein. “We share the country’s outrage over the behavior displayed on the videos,” it said. “We are deeply sorry that Karen was subjected to that kind of treatment.”

The statement went on to say that the school district has identified the four students involved in the incident and assured they will face disciplinary action. “Disciplinary action to the fullest extent appropriate under New York Education Law will be taken against all involved,” the district said. “However, as we stated yesterday, it is not appropriate for the district to discuss the specific disciplinary consequences that will result for any individual student.”

Klein said she wants the students to be kept off the school bus and be forbidden to play any sports for at least a year. “Somebody mentioned community service and I thought that was a pretty good idea too,” she told CNN on Thursday night. “I want them to make sure they never do this again to anybody.”

The incident is also being investigated by the Greece Police Department, but Klein has said she does not wish to press charges. “I feel kind of bad for them and their families because of what is going on,” she told the Democrat and Chronicle newspaper in New York. “They are being harassed terribly, and I don’t like that. I figured this was probably punishment enough, you know? And I don’t want any harm to come to them. Yes they were nasty to me, but it’s over and done. I hope this is a lesson to be learned.”

Meanwhile, two of the students involved in the incident have apologized for their behavior. “I am so sorry for the way I treated you. When I saw the video I was disgusted and could not believe I did that,” student Josh said in a brief statement, as quoted by CNN. “I am sorry for being so mean and I will never treat anyone this way again.”

A second student, Wesley, also released a brief statement. “I feel really bad about what I did. I wish I had never done those things,” he said. “If that had happened to someone in my family, like my mother or grandmother, I would be really mad at the people who did that to them.”

Wesley’s mother and the father of Luis, a third student, also released brief statements in which they apologized for the behavior of their children. “I cannot even tell you how badly I feel. I am deeply sorry for what my son did. I wish there was some way to make it up to you,” Wesley’s mother said. “I am embarrassed, angry and sad about the awful way he treated you. I am truly sorry.”

In addition to the donations made through, Southwest Airlines has offered Klein and nine relatives a trip to Disneyland in California for three nights, including airfare, hotel and rental car. A local mall also plans to honor Klein with a $500 shopping spree and a basket filled with products from several stores.

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SANDY HOOK, NEW JERSEY (BNO NEWS) — The U.S. Coast Guard offered a $3,000 reward on Tuesday to find the person responsible for making a hoax distress call earlier this week, claiming that a yacht carrying nearly two dozen people had exploded off the coast of New Jersey, officials said.

Coast Guard Vessel Traffic Service New York received a distress call via radio at approximately 4:20 p.m. local time on Monday from a person identifying himself as the captain of the yacht ‘Blind Date’, stating the vessel had suffered an explosion and that all 21 people on board were abandoning ship.

“We have 21 souls on board, 20 in the water right now,” the caller said during the radio call, triggering a massive search-and-rescue operation. “I have three deceased on board, nine injured, because of the explosion we’ve had. I’m in 3 feet (1 meter) of water on the bridge. I’m going to stay by the radio as long as I can before I have to go overboard.”

The search took place 17 nautical miles (31.4 kilometers) east of Sandy Hook and involved two Coast Guard boat crews, four Coast Guard aircraft crews, response units from the New York City Police Department, Fire Department of New York City, New Jersey State Police, and Nassau County Police Department. Good Samaritan boats also participated in the search, in which more than 200 first responders took part.

But rescue workers found no indication of a sunken vessel in what is a very heavily trafficked area of the ocean. “By about 10 o’clock, we decided to suspend active search with clear indications that it was a probable hoax,” said U.S. Coast Guard Deputy Commander Captain Gregory Hitchen. “Since we had fully [searched] the area, had not gotten any reports from any other boaters or mariners that they had seen a vessel in distress and also based on the fact that, as we investigated the radio transmissions, the lines of bearing from our antenna sites all pointed over land and not over water.”

Investigators believe the radio call was made from somewhere in New York or New Jersey and have offered a $3,000 reward for information leading to the perpetrator of the hoax, which has cost an estimated $318,000. That amount does not include the cost of triage and ambulance stations which were stood up along the shoreline.

Making a false distress call is a federal felony with a maximum penalty of six years in prison, a $250,000 fine and reimbursement to the Coast Guard for the cost of performing the search. The Coast Guard Investigative Services is leading the investigation into the incident, which is believed to be the largest hoax in the United States since the infamous balloon boy hoax in October 2009.

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