Strong earthquake hits off the coast of Oregon, no damage


COOS BAY, OREGON (BNO NEWS) -- A strong earthquake struck off the coast of Oregon on early Wednesday evening, seismologists said, but there were no reports of damage or casualties and no tsunami warning was issued.

The 5.9-magnitude earthquake at 8.13 p.m. local time (0413 GMT Thursday) was centered about 144 miles (233 kilometers) west of Coos Bay, a city located in Coos County on the Pacific coast. It struck about 6.2 miles (10 kilometers) deep, making it a shallow earthquake, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS).

The USGS said it did not expect to see damage or casualties due to the earthquake's distance from the coast, and there were no immediate reports of tremors being felt anywhere along the coast.

Wednesday's earthquake was one of the strongest earthquakes to hit off the coast of Oregon in recent years, but no tsunami warning was issued by the West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center (WCATWC).

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  • ozonator

    I had predicted a 6+ for offshore Oregon ~4 days ago -

    “A). … 1). … for catastrophic, violent AGW ecosystems (quakes to CMEs to toxic feticide) from the EssoKochs and their willing accomplices. … this is the 1st of 4 weeks in the 30th WRECK of Pro-life Model (10/9 – 15/11) from free AGW exports generating killer quakes from Alaska to Mexico. … AGW crimes currently are not capped nor pay … “Eli Lehrer … harshly criticized … Earthquake Insurance Affordability Act. … displace a productive private industry ….”” (“Heartland Institute: Campbell Earthquake Bill a Terrible Idea”; By Eli ‘we-lie’ Lehrer, vice president of the Heartland Institute in charge of corporate whore seminars to legally murder and enslave; Ooops, “ExxonMobil contributed a total of $560,000 to the Heartland Institute between 1998 and 2005”; on 12/19/08;, 10/7/11). … B). Including the odd chance of JJBAL Fireballs with each prediction, … the specifics of the Giulaino – Gansu Model (10/9 – 15/11) of extreme AGW earthquake warnings among tectonic energy lines with individual predictions for regions (magnitude in Richters) are:

    1). 30th WRECK of Pro-life Model (10/9 – 15/11):
    a). Hawaii (5+) – Alaska Peninsula (5+) – Kenai Peninsula (6+), and
    b). offshore Oregon (6+) – offshore northern California (5+) – Los Angeles (5+) – Clipperton Island (6+);
    2). Slovenia (6+) – Albania (6+) – Malta (5+) – Sicily (6+) – Tunisia (5+);
    3). Georgia (6+) – Iran (6+) – Pakistan (7+) – Diego Garcia (5+); and
    4). Moon Walk Model: PNG (7+) – Solomons (7+) – Vanuatu (7+) – Tonga (6+) – Kermadec Islands (7+) – Pacific-Antarctic Ridge (6+) – South Sandwich Islands (6+)” (“GBRWE 10/9 – 15/11”s Extreme Planetary Warnings for Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Solar/Terrestrial Flares from Human Activities”; Robert Rhodes, Supplemental; GBRWE 10/9 – 15/11, 10/8/11).

  • ozonator

    1 correct AGW earthquake prediction in this blog –

    I count 4.3% correct, 1 out of 23, with simple counting on my webbed Louisiana toes in this public website. The “Moon Walk Model: PNG (7+)” was a correct AGW prediction being within 6.5 Richters of the minimum and well within the standard 2-week model. With no injuries or damage so far, “Papua New Guinea jolted by 6.7 quake” (AFP;, 10/14/11) and was predicted by me with AGW a day before in this blog. Each quake prediction has the apparent odds of 1/23 but the actual odds of 1/23 region times 1/23 intensity = 0.19%. Each reported quake will have had the apparent odds of 1 out of ~500 reported USGS,com quakes for the 10/9 – 15/11 period but the actual odds of 1/500 times 1/500 = 0.0004%. Getting paid not to use AGW and toes, “Real seismologists insist that predicting earthquakes is impossible” (“Italy Earthquake: Are Scientists Really Responsible for Deaths?”;, 9/20/11).

    Technically, while the Oregon quake was officially downgraded to 5.3 Richters, it was within 100 miles of “offshore northern California (5+)” and a 4.5 Richter minimum and thus correct.

  • ozonator

    This makes 2 correct AGW earthquake predictions out of 23 in this blog aka 8.6% correct with simple counting.

    The following occurred in the 2nd of 4 weeks, standard 2-weeks in this blog, under GBRWE’s “30th WRECK of Pro-life Model (10/9 – 15/11): a). Hawaii (5+)”. This is well within the weeks’ limit and 4.5 minimum for being correct. “4.5-magnitude earthquake on Hawaii’s Big Island followed by smaller quakes; no tsunami threat” (By Associated Press;, 10/19/11). “SENIOR seismologist Clive Collins … Geoscience Australia’s Canberra operations centre … earthquake prediction … “Earthquakes are totally out of the blue in 99.9 per cent of cases.” … the holy grail of geology” (“Lack of a crystal ball frustrates scientists”; Cheryl Jones From: The Australian;, 2/26/11). “The Holy Grail in the world of seismology is developing a way to accurately predict when and where a quake will strike. … Susan Hough … In her opinion, predicting earthquakes is science fiction. … “If people were really making headway with earthquake predictions, we would have predictions by now, before the earthquake happens, not after the earthquake happens,” she says. … can offer is a 30-year forecast” (“Renowned seismologist calls predictions science fiction”; Karina Rusk; KGO-TV/DT;, 4/28/11). Remember, the Roy’ds are only able to predict a free lunch with the denier level of expertise for mass murders through AGW. For example, “Jul 17, 2010 … My Global Warming Skepticism, for Dummies … By Dr. Roy Spencer … it only takes one of us to be right” and “Oct 19, 2011 … Why I Deny Global Warming … by David Deming … I’m a denier for several reasons. There is no substantive evidence … Climate research has largely degenerated into … being fraudulent. … have no comprehension of the science. … Global warming predictions cannot be tested with mathematical models. … In other words, the theory of catastrophic global warming cannot be tested or empirically corroborated in a human time frame. … Science is based on observation” (Editorial and reality abuse by Joseph ‘EIB coli cocktail wiener’ D’Aleo, CCM, IUD, IED, BMF, STD, H1N1, SIDs, failed state free lunch predictor, laundering t-GOP via paypal, HIV, and ExxonKoch approved TV weather presenter aka another pseudo-scientist, denier, and corporate whore; new web crimes against humanity, nature, and big oil & small snake wrestling with Joe Bastardi since March 11, 2011;

  • ozonator

    “Moon Walk Model: … Kermadec Islands (7+)” was correct.

    This quake makes 3 correct AGW earthquake predictions out of 23 in the following blogs with the standard 2-week model and shows the “T” in the T-Party (t-GOP) stands again for exporting a tsunami.

    “A 7.6 magnitude earthquake struck 180 kilometers (112 miles) east of Raoul Island in the Kermadec Islands … sea level readings indicated a tsunami was generated, which may have been destructive along the coasts near the earthquake epicenter … the quake was felt along the east coast of New Zealand” (“Earthquake strikes near Raoul Island in the Kermadec Islands”;, 10/21/11).
    It is correct because it meets the established 6.5 Richter minimum and anything greater than 7 AND within the 400 mile limit for open ocean predictions and possibly within the 100 mile terrestrial limit for proximity to a Kermadec Island.

    I will settle for an extremist Republican and Christian sex tourist fulfilling their following blank check contract on America and the world. Remember, if the James Delingpoles and the other extremist Republican and Christian trouser snakes don’t pay for their damages, then, put on no-fly list. On behalf of Esso-Koch-Fox’s investors, charging by the angry E. coli inch, “‘Yes, we plead guilty … ‘Skeptics will proudly celebrate … Climate Depot takes full responsibility for the fate of your children and grandchildren from any future man-made climate catastrophe” (“Australian PM warns skeptics ‘are too ‘dangerous to ignore’ and are ‘holding the world to ransom’”, By Marc ‘EIB’s corporate horror/cyst’ Morano, Climate Depot Editorial”; web crimes by Joseph D’Aleo;, 11/6/09).