UPDATE 2 — UPS cargo plane crashes near Alabama airport, killing 2

BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA (BNO NEWS) -- A large UPS cargo plane crashed and burst into flames Wednesday morning in a field outside an airport in Alabama, killing the two crew members on board, local and federal authorities said. The cause of the crash [...]

Investigation begins after woman falls to her death from Texas roller coaster

ARLINGTON, TEXAS (BNO NEWS) -- Investigators continued their investigation Saturday to determine how a woman was thrown from a roller coaster at a Six Flags amusement park in Texas, but park officials refused to speculate about what may have [...]

Man with guns, explosive devices arrested in Seattle

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON (BNO NEWS) -- A Nevada man was found to be in the possession of guns and explosive devices after he was arrested near the University of Washington in Seattle while driving a stolen pickup truck, police said on late Thursday, [...]

British teacher who ran away with student convicted of child abduction

LONDON, ENGLAND (BNO NEWS) -- A 30-year-old British teacher, who was the subject of an international manhunt last year after running away to southwestern France with a 15-year-old schoolgirl who was in love with him, was convicted of child abduction [...]

Veteran BBC broadcaster Stuart Hall jailed for child sex assaults

LONDON, ENGLAND (BNO NEWS) -- Veteran British television and radio presenter Stuart Hall was sentenced Monday to more than a year in prison after he pleaded guilty to sexually abusing more than a dozen young girls between the ages of 9 and 17, [...]

NSA contractor identifies himself as source behind U.S. surveillance revelations

KOWLOON, HONG KONG (BNO NEWS) -- A 29-year-old American who works as a contract employee at the National Security Agency (NSA) came forward Sunday as the source behind newspaper articles that revealed previously unknown details about the U.S. [...]

Thousands evacuated, 76 hurt in Moscow subway fire

MOSCOW, RUSSIA (BNO NEWS) -- Thousands of people were evacuated from the Moscow subway Wednesday and parts of the network were closed when a power cable caught fire during morning rush hour, emergency officials said. More than 70 people sought [...]

Digital currency exchange Liberty Reserve shut down in U.S. fraud probe

WASHINGTON, D.C. (BNO NEWS) -- U.S. prosecutors have indicted Liberty Reserve, the world's largest digital currency exchange, for allegedly laundering more than $6 billion in proceeds of crimes ranging from identity theft to the trade of child [...]

Security alert briefly closes one of UK’s busiest motorways

COVENTRY, ENGLAND (BNO NEWS) -- British police closed one of the country's busiest motorways in both directions on Friday after two men were seen acting suspiciously before running away from a van, briefly raising fears that the vehicle could [...]

Minnesota man accused of plotting local ‘terror attack’

MONTEVIDEO, MINNESOTA (BNO NEWS) -- A Minnesota man arrested during a raid on his mobile home last week was plotting a 'terror attack' targeting local residents, federal officials said on Monday, but few details about the alleged plot were released. [...]