Parents of Miley Cyrus split after mom had an affair with Brett Michaels


LOS ANGELES (BNO NEWS) — The parents of Miley Cyrus filed for divorce after 17 years of marriage after Leticia “Tish” Cyrus had an affair with rock singer and reality show star Brett Michaels, the US Weekly magazine reported on Tuesday.

Billy Ray Cyrus filed for divorce on October 27 after reportedly learning about his wife’s affairs. US weekly said that in addition to her affair with Michaels, she had at least another extra marital relationship.

Michaels, 47, a well known rock singer and star in various VH1 reality shows, became close to the Cyrus family in February. Michaels and Miley Cyrus collaborated in a duet entitled “Nothing to Lose.”

After the duet, the Poison front man and Tish Cyrus were seen together on some occasions but not in a compromising way. Tish was seen at Michaels show at the Key Club in Los Angeles on February 28. Then, Michaels asked her production company for help in the movie adaptation of his book “Roses & Thorns.”

“It was a professional relationship that turned into something more,” a source close to the Cyrus told the magazine. “Billy Ray was completely unaware of what was going on.”

However, representatives for both Michaels and Tish Cyrus have denied the allegations.”There has never been an affair or a fling,” the rock star’s representative told the entertainment weekly.

Billy Ray and Tish got married in December 1992. The have five children, three of them minor: Miley (who turns 18 in November), Braison, 16, and Noah, 10. Billy Ray is reportedly seeking joint custody of the three minors.

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