Coincidence: Wikileaks and “World without Zionism” logos are strikingly similar


(WIREUPDATE) — Do the two logos above bear a striking resemblance to each other?

On the left is the current logo. On the right is the logo used at an 2005 Iranian conference titled “The World Without Zionism” which featured speakers included Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as well as representatives of Hamas and Hezbollah. They spoke about the destruction of the western world, as well as the ‘need to eliminate Israel.’ So we ask…

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  • Odd: Wikileaks, “World without Zionism” Logos Remarkably Similar | The American Pundit

    [...] Very odd indeed. One is an anti-American, anti-western group of individuals known for assisting terrorists. The other is the leadership of the Islamic Republic of Iran. And the logos look…remarkably similar. [...]

  • Psychology

    Your two answer choices are worded in a manner that makes it impossible to take a legitimate poll sampling.

    For instance, I believe the logo’s ARE NOT related – and that is just a coincidence. But I also believe WikiLeaks is attempting to harm “the West”.

    However, the comments you’ve added after the affirmative or negative responses, make it impossible to choose an answer with which I agree.

  • MammothBiker

    Wikileaks has been around a lot longer than WWZ. I support both anyhoo so I don’t really care about this, just want to set the record straight.

  • Joe Brooks

    Wikileaks started in December 2006.
    This “World without Zionism” conference was held in 2005.

  • MammothBiker

    Noted. In any case, I think it’s very coincidental, though if WL supports WWZ’s intentions, I say good, since I think a world without Zionism is a better world indeed.