SFW article: Tired of kissing your current boss’ a**? Try Rim.Jobs instead!


(WIREUPDATE) — Apparently Blackberry creator Research in Motion (RIM) has a prankster in the Human Resources Department as the company has launched a new website based on a phrase that’s normally NSFW (Not Safe For Work). RIM is looking for new recruits on the controversial web address RIM.Jobs.

For those who are wondering, yes RIM.Jobs is an actual web address, go ahead and try typing it in your browser. You’ll be sent to the totally SFW (Safe For Work) RIM careers website. According to the always reliable Wikipedia the .Jobs is a sponsored top-level domain name restricted to only employment-related websites – such as RIM’s careers section.

Death & Taxes Magazine (there is a magazine for everything, I suppose) writes, “And all this time I thought Blackberries were for middle-aged workaholics. The site promises that RIM jobs are ‘Challenging. Progressive. Inspiring.’”

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