26 killed in Brazil Carnival road accident


SAO PAULO (BNO NEWS) — At least 26 people were killed on Saturday in a major accident involving a bus and a truck carrying 37 tons of wooden planks in Santa Catarina, south of Brazil, O Globo newspaper reported.

The accident occurred at 3:30 am local time after a truck overturned and slid into the oncoming lane, colliding head on with a bus carrying 43 passengers who were heading to Carnival celebrations. Among the dead is the truck driver.

Brazilians are taking to the roads in large numbers for the Carnival, an annual festival that paralyzes the South American country for about a week of festivities. Rain has caused several traffic accidents.

On Friday, five youths were killed in an accident in the southern Minas Gerais state after their car collided head on with a truck, while three people were killed in the southern state of ParanĂ¡ on Saturday, the first day of the carnival holiday. In Sao Paulo, eight people were injured, including two Chinese and two Irish, in a bus accident. According to police, it was raining hard at the time of the accidents.

Last Sunday, fifteen people were killed and about 50 more injured after a high voltage power cable broke and fell into a row of people in the southern Minas Gerais state during pre-carnival celebrations.

Brazilian Federal Police has sent more than 9,000 men to try to prevent accidents on the roads during festival and carnival season.

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