Chile and U.S. sign agreement on peaceful use of nuclear energy


SANTIAGO, CHILE (BNO NEWS) — Chile and the United States on Friday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for cooperation in peaceful uses of nuclear energy.

The agreement was signed by Chilean Foreign Minister Alfredo Moreno and U.S. ambassador to Chile Alejandro Wolff in Santiago. It was one of the many agreements reached this day.

The two nations agreed to exchange experience and cooperation in nuclear energy to a wide variety of human development needs in such areas as energy, industry, health, agriculture and water.

The MoU also recognized the need to reduce the harmful effects of greenhouse gases on the global climate. The peaceful use of nuclear energy provides safe and secure sources of energy to address the needs of each nation’s population.

Chile is also seeking the establishment of its nuclear plant and the MoU is considered one big step forward. However, the South American nation does not have a nuclear program in order to develop a nuclear reactor.

Under the agreement, it was agreed that Chile must abide to the global efforts to prevent nuclear proliferation and promote nuclear safety and security. The two sides also agreed on civilian nuclear training, human resource and infrastructure development in accordance with IAEA guidelines.

The cooperation will consist in exchanging scientific and technical information; exchanging and training of personnel; organizing seminars and workshops; providing relevant technical assistance and services; and others forms of cooperation determined by both sides.

Chile and the U.S. also signed agreements on trade cooperation, security, education, development and protection of the environment.

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