11 people hurt in bus crash and shooting incident in Chicago


ENGLEWOOD, CHICAGO (BNO NEWS) — Eleven people on Tuesday were hurt, two of them seriously, after two gunmen opened fire in Chicago provoking a car to crash into a bus, the Chicago Tribune reported.

The shooting incident took place at about 9:30 a.m. local time in 75th Street and Vincennes Avenue in Englewood, Chicago. Two unidentified men jumped from a red truck and began walking down the street firing at a black vehicle.

The shooting took place all along the block as the red truck was following the gunmen. The car attempted to flee from the attackers and crashed into a CTA bus, pushing it into a light pole.

At least eleven people were hurt but no one seems to be suffering gunshots. Some of the injured were bystanders near a local restaurant. In addition, six to ten gunshots were fired north to the accident scene.

Police forces and paramedics were rushed to the site. Two people were transported by ambulance in serious-to-critical condition. An additional 9 people were also sent to local hospitals but in fair condition.

The Chicago Police Department remained in the scene for many hours in order to study the site and gather evidence. No arrests have been made as the gunmen managed to escape.

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