16 bodies recovered, 4 missing after mudslide in central Colombia


MANIZALES, COLOMBIA (BNO NEWS) — Colombian authorities on Friday informed that 16 bodies have been recovered alter a mudslide swept a bus in central Colombia on Wednesday, 4 passengers are still missing but feared dead.

According to El Tiempo newspaper, heavy rains caused a mudslide on Wednesday night. A bus owned by “Expreso Bolivariano” departed from the capital Bogota and was heading to the central city of Manizales.

The mudslide caught the bus which was carrying 18 passengers and two drivers and swept into a ravine. Until Thursday night, 15 bodies were recovered and another one was reached on Friday.

Rescue teams are still working to recover the other 4 missing passengers but authorities said that there is a minimal chance of finding survivors. The Manizales-Bogota highway was closed during ongoing rescue efforts.

Witnesses said that the passengers were asking for help while the mudslide was sweeping the bus. However, they were unable to aid them. Some houses were also destroyed by the collapsing hillside.

Heavy rains are still falling in the region which has complicated rescue efforts. Authorities estimated that about 50 landslides have struck the northern Caldas region since Wednesday.

Since April 6, heavy rainfall has affected central Colombia. So far, 45 people have been killed and over 17,000 residents have been affected. It is estimated that billions of dollars will be needed to repair damages.

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