Former Argentinean dictator Bignone sentenced pt life in prison fro crimes against humanity


BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA (BNO NEWS) — Former Argentinean dictator Reynaldo Bignone on Thursday was sentenced to life in prison for crimes against humanity, the state-run TELAM news agency reported.

In addition, three other men were sentenced to life imprisonment as well: Luis Patti, former Escobar mayor, former army general Santiago Riveros, and former intelligence agent Martin Rodriguez.

The four individuals were convicted for the murder of an activist, the kidnapping of a former lawmaker and other crimes perpetrated during the dictatorship of Bignone. The former president is currently serving a 25 term in prison.

Patti, 57, was found guilty of the abduction and murder of many militants including left-wing activist Gaston Goncalves, former lawmaker Diego Muñiz Barreto, after the March 1976 coup d’état.

Goncalves was abducted on March 24, 1976, the first day of the military dictatorship. Muñiz Barreto and his assistant Juan José Fernández were kidnapped in February 1977. The lawmaker was murdered but his aide survived.

Bignone, the last dictator of Argentina, was convicted after being found guilty of participating in 56 cases of aggravated theft, torture, and other human rights abuses. He is currently in custody at the Marcos Paz penitentiary.

The former dictator is also on trial along ex-president Jorge Rafael Videla for their involvement in the systematic theft of about 30 babies from political prisoners who died or disappeared during the 1976-1983 military regime.

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