Video: Sarah Palin’s comeback speech in Madison


( — Former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin took the gloves off at a Tea Party in Madison Wisconsin on Saturday leading many to declare this was her comeback speech.

Quotables (via Tammy Bruce):

“I’m here as a former union member and wife of a union member…as the daughter of a family full of schoolteachers”

“Our president isn’t leading, he’s punting…he’s willing to mortgage your children’s future, for his own.”

“You saw violent rent-a-mob…Madison you held your ground, your Governor did the right thing and you won”

To Congress: ”We didn’t elect you to stand by & watch Obama redistribute those deck chairs..they need to learn how to fight like a girl”

Obama shouting “All aboard on his bullet train to bankruptcy”

“The only future Obama is trying to win is his own reelection”

To Obama: “You ignored us in 2010 but you cannot ignore us in 2012″

“When the history of the Tea Party is written what you have done here will not be forgotten 2012 election begins here!”

Click Here to watch Sarah Palin’s speech. (via @TRScoop.

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  • Lori

    It is so easy to be caustic and vindictive but is Sarah Palin answering any questions or saying how she would handle things differently. Other Republican leaders are.

  • Anonymous

    She answers all the questions – more guts than any of the other gop contenders.

  • Termini Vickers

    Yeah, all the questions seem to be asked. Thanks for the article.