Glenn Beck makes it official – He’s leaving New York City


( — Conservative talk show host Glenn Beck announced Saturday he has finally sold his Connecticut home and will be moving out of New York City in the near future.

After a year of teasing on both his radio and television programs, Beck made the announcement during a live broadcast on from Albany, New York. Beck said leaving New York would be part of his post-Fox News life.

Other notes from the broadcast (via @JoeBrooks):

- Glenn Beck said there were Pro-Glenn Protesters outside the theater today.

- When Glenn Beck brought up Donald Trump a few people in the audience began cheering, Glenn replied, “Really?”

- “I don’t know where [Obama is from] I don’t think he’s from where they issue birth certificates – I think he’s from Hell.”

- Glenn in a Satan voice: “Put your little hooves on this paper” refering to Barack Obama’s birth certificate

- ”It’s time to take personal responsibility and it’s time to be honest with the American People.”

- Glenn Beck places Allen West as President and Michelle Bachmann as VP. Someone in crowd yells “Ron Paul” He says I have plans for Ron Paul

- Glenn says that Ron Paul should be Sec of Treasury, and as Secretary of Defense would be… no one, we have Allen West as President.

- Glenn Beck: @theblaze is only the beginning of news and information that i will be providing for radio, television, and internet.

- Glenn Beck: I’m about to build a research department that will utilize the idle brains that we have, retired CIA, military, phd’s

- Glenn Beck: I’m going to make sure that Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart don’t occupy the space of comedy alone.

- Glenn Beck: What you are about to see in a few months is a new way to communicate with each other …

- Glenn says he going to build a way to deliver news directly to the youth of America.

- Glenn Beck: We were each born with a purpose, born at this time for a reason. I don’t care what your [situation] is, your job is. You were born here for a purpose and the first thing you’ve got to do is… have no fear. Have no fear.

- Glenn Beck: The last thing I will be doing, I will be leaving New York City.

- Glenn Beck: As we build a new media I’m not building it in New York.

- Glenn Beck: [America isn't great] because we only have two crappy castles, one in Florida and one in Anaheim. (joking about Disney’s castles).

- In the Q&A session Glenn says the only time he’d be running is when he’s yelling at other people to RUN! (as in for the hills).


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  • Anonymous

    You made it just like being there, thanks Joe. Odds of Glenn going to Texas should be 95/1.

  • Joe Brooks

    Glad you enjoyed my Tweets tonight Sybilll! It was a very entertaining show.