Des Moines paper publishes over 5,000 names of gun permit holders


( — A list of nearly 5,200 names of gun permit owners in Des Moines, Iowa was published on Thursday in the Des Moines CityView paper, sparking privacy concerns among the residents. In the article titled “Who’s Packing” the names of those who filed for a gun permit under the new Iowa gun law are listed in alphabetical order.

“With nearly 5,200 applications to carry already this year, it’s safe to say that plenty of people, including your neighbors and friends, are now “packing heat.”  Cityview author Jared Curtis wrote before naming all the residents.

The article was published in both the weekly print edition and online.

The publication of this information has put law-abiding citizens in harm. In a recent article in Newsmax magazine John Stossel wrote of a similar situation in Illinois. State attorney general Lisa Madigan came under fire earlier this month for wanting to release the names of gun owners in the entire state.

“Publication of that list would tell the criminal class where the guns are, which could be useful to two different sorts of lawbreakers: gun thieves who want to know where the guns are and burglars who want to know where they are not.” Stossel concluded.

According to Polk County Sheriff’s office 5,195 applications for a permit to carry were received by the department so far in 2011.

Cityview is an independent weekly magazine that is available in rack-stands throughout central Iowa.

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  • johnnyw

    A little know fact about the Cityview publisher, Shane. He settled out of court for thousands of dollars, one day before it was to go to trial, for physically attacking an employee while at work. It’s probably public record, but who would have thought to look? Just goes to show the character of the paper, and publisher.