“Anonymous” hackers leak FOX’s X-Factor contestant info


LOS ANGELES (WIREUPDATE) — Simon Cowell’s “X-Factor” may have received a huge blow by a group of internet hackers on Monday night. Sensitive details regarding potential contestants for the new FOX show “X-Factor” were leaked on the internet by the group of hackers.

The internet group known as “Anonymous” reportedly was able to gain access into the FOX.com  servers where they were able to locate the list of contestants. The hackers then uploaded the database online to the peer-to-peer sharing site The Pirate Bay. 

The leak included complete bios on “X-Factor” contestants including their home addresses and telephone numbers.

Auditions for “X-Factor” began on Sunday night.  FOX has yet to reply to our inquiry for a comment.

[h/t USA Breaking News]

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  • Paul Winger

    Like its gonna make a difference – the wannabe singer clones were never allowed to change on Idol and they won’t be on X-Factor either. Idol profits are down, because they are getting ready to drop the show… and with Simon going to XFactor and the parent company investing heavily into the new format Coming 2 Hollywood on the platform coming2hollywood.com – new talent and new formats are what’s in. But will the new come from XFactor or Coming 2 Hollywood, or will they BOTH be businee as (ab)normal?

  • http://www.aashish.com.np Aashish

    i have watched some episodes of X Factor India. nice program.

  • http://twitter.com/danielogrove Daniel D

    It was LulzSec not Anonymous! assholes!