Two men charged with smuggling 213 undocumented immigrants to Mexico


CHIAPAS, MEXICO (BNO NEWS) — A Mexican criminal court on Friday charged two men in the southern state of Chiapas with smuggling 213 undocumented immigrants from Central America to Mexico, officials said on Saturday

The state office of the Attorney General’s Office said in a statement that José Alfredo Toledo Ocaña and Fortunato Pérez Díaz are accused of violating the Immigration Act after transporting undocumented immigrants for financial gain. They were both arrested on June 12 when they were smuggling the 213 immigrants from El Salvador, Honduras, Brazil and Dominican Republic.

The hundreds of illegal immigrants who were crammed inside a truck were described as being dehydrated and hungry. The truck was found near Mexico’s southern border, prosecutors said.

According to the statement, prosecutors found “sufficient evidence to prove the liability of the accused” after launching a preliminary investigation. The two men are being held at El Amate prison in the municipality of Cintalapa awaiting prosecution.

In mid-May, Mexican authorities rescued 513 migrants from different parts of Central America, the Caribbean, and Asia from two tractor trailers at the Tuxtla-La Angostura intersection in Chiapas. According to the Attorney General of the State of Chiapas, each of the 513 migrants are believed to have paid around $7,000 to be smuggled into the United States.

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