Dutch citizen says he was held captive by North Korea


PYONGYANG/AMSTERDAM (BNO NEWS) — A Dutch citizen who went missing during a business trip to North Korea on Saturday returned to the Netherlands and said he was being held captive by North Korean authorities.

Willem van der Bijl, 59, who is the owner of a post stamp collection shop in the Dutch city of Utrecht, traveled to the Asian country in early July to buy North Korean stamps and paintings. He was scheduled to fly back to the Netherlands on July 30 but never took the flight.

On Sunday, local broadcaster RTV Utrecht reported that Van der Bijl had returned to the Netherlands where he told he had been arrested by North Korean authorities. A friend told RTV Utrecht that Van der Bijl was only allowed to leave after signing a confession.

(More to come.)

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  • Frankie MacDonald

    That is Not Good at all

  • Frankie MacDonald

    People have to have the Special Permission to get into North Korea if you don’t you will be sent to hard labor camp for a long long time