Mexican man sexually enslaves two stepdaughters for seven years


MEXICO CITY (BNO NEWS) — A Mexican national sexually abused his girlfriend’s two teenage daughters for seven years, having five children with them and holding a teenage boy as a slave, police said on Wednesday. He went on to kill one of the daughters and their infant child.

A man identified as Jorge Antonio, 32, from Mexico City, began living with his girlfriend Clara in 2004, along with her two teenage daughters and her 14 year old son. In addition, Clara gave him all of her earnings, as well as her monthly salary. They lived at the caretaker’s housing facility inside the Manuel C. Tello elementary school, which is located on San Lorenzo Xicotencatl in the Ixtapalapa area of Mexico City.

During five years, Jorge Antonio imprisoned his two stepdaughters in a small room, sealing its windows, and keeping them as sex slaves. The teenagers eventually gave birth to five children, while the 14-year-old son was kept as a slave as well. Antonio simultaneously had sexual relationships with the mother and her daughters and, on occasions, he would force the two teenagers to engage in sexual activity among each other, sometimes while their brother was present.

In November 2010, Jorge Antonio allegedly killed one of the daughters – identified as Rebeca and Gabriela – who at the time was 19 years old. After beating her to death, he then took their 3-month-old daughter and pressed her onto her dead mother’s chest until she asphyxiated.

According to reports, the man would spray calcimine and creosote on the dead bodies for months in order to conceal their odor. He later dumped the bodies on the outskirts of the city on the highway to Puebla.

Both bodies were later found inside a taped up black plastic bag, and the stories behind them remained uncertain until Tuesday, as no one had claimed the bodies nor had there been a related complaint.

The 14-year-old boy, meanwhile, was forced to work, collecting carton and exchanging it for money. If he was unable to earn any money, Jorge Antonio would physically abuse the boy, striking him on his back with a belt, and sometimes tying him to the ground, lying naked in a puddle on the rooftop.

Since 2006, the two teenagers were not allowed to go outside or have contact with other people, as Jorge Antonio feared they would engage in a relationship with other men.

Local media reported that the whole ordeal was carried out with the consent of the mother, Clara. According to reports, she said Jorge Antonio had told her that that is the ‘middle class lifestyle,’ as men were allowed to have ‘all the women they wanted.’

At a press conference, Clara also stated that she would give all of her earning to Jorge Antonio, forcing her and her son to eat by scavenging for food from the garbage. In addition, she said she felt pressured and observed all the time.

In June 2009, Jorge Antonio took the two girls to live with him at his mother’s house, where his family members would help take care of his ‘slaves.’ Since then, Clara had no information regarding her daughters until she decided to file a complaint with local authorities.

Jorge Antonio, meanwhile, said he was “not crazy” in front of journalists and media. “Cynical would be the right word,” he said without any remorse.

The case carries echoes of the case of Josef Fritzl – an Australian man arrested on April 26, 2008. He was later convicted of enslavement, incest, rape, coercion and false imprisonment of his daughter, Elisabeth Fritzl.

Josef held Elisabeth captive for 24 years in a concealed part of the basement of their family home. She was raped numerous times and gave birth to seven children and had one miscarriage. Josef also pleaded guilty to charges of murder by negligence of his infant son/grandson, Michael. He was subsequently sentenced to life in prison.

Since then, a number of similar cases around the world have been discovered, including a case in northwestern Austria last month in which an 80-year-old man is being investigated for allegations he sexually abused his two daughters for at least 41 years.

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  • Nickie Lu Hu

    Josef Fritzl is Austrian, not Australian.

  • Nickie Lu Hu

    Josef Fritzl is Austrian, not Australian.

  • Nickie Lu Hu

    Josef Fritzl is Austrian, not Australian.