Starving dogs attack, eat owner in western Indonesia


JAKARTA (BNO NEWS) — A man has been found dead in western Indonesia after he was attacked and eaten by a group of dogs he left alone for two weeks without food, local media reported on Thursday.

The gruesome death took place on Batam island, which is part of the Riau Islands, in western Indonesia. The victim, identified as Andre Lumboga, owned nine dogs and left them alone with no food when he went on a 14-day vacation.

During Andre’s holiday, seven of the starving dogs attacked the two other dogs and ate them. When Andre, 60, finally returned home after two weeks, the remaining seven dogs attacked him too and ate him.

According to Indonesia’s VIVANews, the dogs decapitated Andre and ate all his flesh, leaving only a skeleton behind when police officers arrived at the scene. The dogs also attacked responding police officers, VIVANews reported. “Because the dogs continued to attack, we had to paralyze them,” a police official was quoted as saying.

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