Landslide victims in eastern DR Congo aided by UN peacekeepers


NEW YORK CITY (WIREUPDATE) – An overflowing river caused a landslide on the slopes of a major volvano in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo which resulted in at least 46 people buried and 200 homes washed away.

On Wednesday, United Nations peace keepers rushed in all-terrain vehicles and other relief. U.N. Mission for DR Congo (MONUC) forces have found 16 bodies hanks to the use of the all-terrain vehicles on the slopes of Nyiragongo volcano which overlooks Goma, the capital of North Kivu province.

“The search for the missing is continuing. Meanwhile, MONUC is urgently tending to the displaced people, who are staying close to their villages, and providing food,” a spokesperson said.

The MONUC declined to estimate the number of people affected by the disaster; the Congolese press estimates that 5,000 people were affected.   The landslide was apparently triggered earlier this week when a river overflowed after days of heavy rain.

Source: UN News

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