Video claims "It’s Raining Oil" in Louisiana after massive spill


(WIREUPDATE) — A video that purportedly shows rain in the form of oil falling down in a Louisiana town debuted on the internet on Wednesday. The video, published by Youtube user HistoryTours, claims the oil came from a recent rainfall.

"You can see it," says the man on the video, "It’s literally raining oil here in River Ridge."

Many fringe and conspiracy websites quickly picked up the video and republished it on their websites.

Evaporation is the most important change that most oil spills undergo says a study done by the Emergencies Science Division of Canada. The study says light crudes can evaporate as much as 75% of the starting oil mass and medium crudes up to 40%. Alternately the heaviest of oil crudes can only evaporate 10% in the first few days.

On Thursday the same Youtube user posted another video that purportedly shows a dead cat who reportedly fell ill after trying to play in the "rain oil." It’s hard to distinguish if the cat is real or a stuffed toy. The animal appears to be laying on a wet cement road or driveway.

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