11-year-old gives birth in southern Mexico after being denied abortion despite rape


CHETUMAL, QUINTANA ROO (BNO NEWS) – An eleven-year old Mayan girl gave birth in southern Mexico on Thursday, two weeks earlier than expected. The girl was denied an abortion despite that she was raped by her stepfather when she was 10 years old, the Diario Yucatan newspaper reported.

The young mother, Amalia, was in the spotlight after police officers arrested Isaac Santiago Martínez for allegedly raping her in the indigenous village of La Rovirosa in Quintana Roo, southern Mexico.

Last April, the local Justice Department denied an abortion to the girl due to the fact that the girl was already in the fourth month of pregnancy and local laws do not allow abortions after the third month. The case was showcased by national media and generated controversy.

Martinez, also known as “El Brujo,” was arrested on March 27. He has been in prison since March 30 on charges of resisting arrest, attempt to escape custody and rape.

Initially, Amalia said a fellow schoolmate abused her but after further questioning she admitted that her stepfather raped her.

The case is reminiscent of young Paulina Ramírez Jacinto, who in 1999 was raped by a drug addict that broke into her house while she was sleeping. At the moment of the offense she was only 13 years old.

After knowing she was pregnant, Paulina and relatives began legal procedures to have an abortion. The state of Baja California accepted the request but the hospital denied performing the medical procedure.

Instead, the girl was sent to religious and anti-abortion groups. The activists eventually convinced Paulina and she agreed to give birth. In 2005, the Interamerican Human Rights Commission (CIDH) ordered the state to pay compensation to Paulina and to pay alimony to her son until he reaches legal age.

So far, the youngest confirmed mother gave birth in 1939 in Peru. A local girl, Lina Medina, gave birth to a boy at the tender age of just five. Despite investigations, it was not possible to determine who the father was and how the boy was conceived.

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  • mike

    crime is horrible. LIFE is precious. even, SACRED.
    what don’t you get about that?

  • Fighter

    @mike…..wait so you’re GLAD this 11 year old gave birth to a child that was conceived when she was raped?…..

    I give up. People in this world are so fucking retarded…

  • Tomas

    Children that age who give birth risk destroying their uterus because they have not matured to the point of having bodies past puberty. They are also at risk for sepsis, which occurs when the uterus is torn causing bodily fluid to collect and fester into an open wound.

    What happened is that the state decided that they would be better off with a disabled girl and impoverished baby than a healthy girl and no baby.

    Life is precious, so lets destroy young lives for those that have not formed yet.

  • Mike

    No reason why the unborn child should die…

    @Fighter – You’re saying murder makes this situation better? Retarded indeed.

  • http://www.sell-hats.com dccaps

    why the girl cant quit the baby,the law should be more Humanity.

  • http://www.viet-justice.net Quan Tranh

    The problem is government should never get involved in personal decisions. That would simplify things greatly. And let’s get over the silly Americanism that all life is sacred. The death penalty is popular in America so why isn’t abortion? In other countries we execute criminals and abort babies based on gender. This life is sacred view is something that only Americans seem to have.

  • Sra

    I totally agree Mike! So when will you be starting the adoption proceedings for this precious life? I am humbled by your deep caring for both mother and child. When will you start adoption proceedings? I’d love to help out! I am glad that you are stepping up and taking care of this child and it’s mother. By providing this poor 11 yr old child with the mental, emotional, and medical care that she desperately needs, and making sure she and the baby can have a full and productive life you have restored my faith in Jesus Christ our Lord. God bless you sir.

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  • Matt

    Fighter, I with you. You wingnuts are fucking stupid. No woman, especially child should ever be forced to give birth to their rapist’s child. The life this 11 year-old will live is going to be more agonizing than your religiously deformed brains can comprehend. One day when you (Mike and Sra) face reality, let me know what faith does for you then. Fucking assholes.

  • JulianB

    People get so caught up in the whole self-righteous “PRO LIFE” hype. It’s absurd.

    CAN YOU PEOPLE FUCKING HEAR YOURSELVES? a 10 year old girl was RAPED and then FORCED to have a baby! She had no choice. You’re telling me the unborn baby has a greater right to it’s life and safety than the unfortunate mother?

    Imagine you had a 10 year old daughter. She would most likely be begging and pleading not to have to go through with it. You must have your faces buried pretty deep in the bible to not have to look at yourselves in the mirror.

  • JulianB

    BTW, Sra was being sarcastic, I’m fairly certain.

  • ryan

    unbelievable what some people are saying here.. no 11-year old should be forced and manipulated into carrying into term a child. Her life was ruined by the rapist, and the justice department furthered that ruination. this is downright barbaric. stuff like this should NOT happen in a modern world.

  • James

    @mike There is no reason that this unborn child should die? How about the 11 year old girl who is having it could DIE FROM THE BIRTH! Yeah lets trade one life for another. That’s right.

  • Gree

    Sra was definitely being sarcastic, and made a great point.

  • thelolzod

    Oh look! A troll! Gather round children, do take notes. Right winger? Check. Completely fucking retarded? Check. Making you mad? Check. Yep, it’s a troll all right. You there! Stop! Don’t feed it for goodness’ sake.

  • http://www.rosaceaskincare.org Abby

    Hopefully the kid doesn’t find this web page when he’s older and see how many people wanted him dead.

  • Passerby

    Isn’t religion just grand? Only religion causes people to commit these kinds of crimes against innocents.

  • SolomonKull

    I think that the fucking heartless monsters that allowed this child to be a victim of rape and then forced to give birth to this baby should be hung.

    These religious idiots are insane and their lack of sensible morality cannot be tolerated much longer. We must eradicate these primitive, stone age beliefs in favor of rationality.

  • Sra

    Calm down Matt.. I was just praising Mike for his obvious selflessness here. I mean, the man is a true hero- can’t you see how much he cares for life (as long as it’s in a womb!?) I’m sure he also has a deep insight into what it’s like to be raped by a family member and have a baby… especially before reaching adulthood!

    Btw Mike, I am serious about you adopting that baby and helping that poor girl out. It’s easy to throw your theology around online, but that’s as far as it goes for you doesn’t it? You have no intention on making sure that “sacred life” get’s a real chance in this world. As long as it makes it out of that underdeveloped girl’s vaginal canal you’re happy- but you couldn’t give two s**ts as to what happens to it after that.

    How do I know that? Because you couldn’t careless about what’s happening to an individual who is 11 yrs outside a womb.

  • Sra

    You don’t have to worry about that Abby, it’s doubtful that child will ever even be able to afford internet access!

  • Sra

    Haha, even if he did, it’s doubtful he’d know English, so you know, I don’t think his feelings will be hurt by us. But you know what will suck for him? Growing up knowing he was a the product of a vicious rape!

  • http://rawstory sparkey

    Mike says life is sacred? Makes me wonder if gets off by using his two fingers, since he obviously doesn’t have enough for his whole hand,thinking about raping an eleven year old girl. Too bad Mike didn’t get raped at eleven so he would know what horror really is.

  • AFM

    Mike that is exactly the answer I would expect from a man. So would you take this rape victim’s child? I doubt it. Your kind are the ones that wale nt a woman not to have a choice but yet you want sex with her until she gets pregnant then you want nothing to do with her. Plus you men like you don’t step up to the table to pay child support or marry the girl then she ends up trying to get welfare to help her because you don’t want to pay for a ho. Just like many of religious people you want the girl to have her baby and let her take care of it on her own. While the man is able to move on to the next woman. When I say you Mike I don’t mean you but the general you.

  • Knulp1

    There are those that cling to the idea that it is all Gods plan like the wingnut running against Reid out west. Yea, tell me how raping an 11 year old is Gods plan…

  • AFM

    Well Mike I would like you (general question) to answer this question. Every time I ask it I never get a man to answer the question. Here it is. If you (in general) want to take a woman’s right to choice away from her then I want to know how you would feel if a man has more than one child out of wedlock then he is forced to have a vasectomy. Not more than one child out of wedlock, period. I REALLY WANT AN ANSWER. I put a limit on a man to reproduced. Whats good for a woman goes the same way for a man.

  • carol h.

    Don’t forget abortion is under fire in this country in all states. It is tougher and tougher to get one. Not for any reason. Sharon Angle that candidate running for office say’s no one for any reason should have one. “Having the child is god’s will, no matter what.”

    And the extreme right in this country want it overturned so you cannot get one. These are the same people that don’t want sex education. The same people that don’t care about the child after it get’s here. No help for the mother to stay in school, no help for child care, no help for school lunches, no job training for the mother. Nothing. Just the fetus, and after that, bye bye.

    And these are the same people that now want to outlaw any kind of birth control. No pill, and nothing to prevent conception. There are pharmacists that refuse to fill a RX for birth control. I wonder if that also applies to the male condom?

    It seems a woman’s womb and body is always being held hostage to some religious and male dominated society. Including ours. If this were a male problem, I doubt there would be a problem. Men would take to the streets and their rights would be protected quickly. What a world!!

  • AFM

    carol h. I totally agree with you. Democrats need to pound the hell out of these crazies. What people who may even disagree with abortion don’t realize if the catholic church or some of the other churches had their way they would take birth control of any type away from women. They would make women have children they can’t afford to have. I was 32 yrs old. My husband and I only wanted on child because I had many medical problems. I went to the that the military provided and he wouldn’t do a vasectomy on my husband because because it was against his religion. I cried my eyes out. He told us to go to this family practice doctor who would do it. We did and he did it. We were stationed overseas at the time. I will never forget it. Any other time I was watching TV about 3 in the morning (I could sleep). This couple was talking with a decon (catholic). She had an abortion years before and later told her husband about it. Then they talked about birth control pills. The more I listened the more I realized that if they get the opportunity the churchs will take away birth controls pills. I mean people better wake up. You don’t have to go to church to have a relationship with god. I do my prayer at home. I stopped going to any organzied church because the get involved in bedroom issues and tell people how to vote. I am an adult not a baby. I think I started hating going to church because of the republican party. I used to go all the time. I even worked for a priest.

  • http://karlaporter.com Karla

    This is a poor translation of the truth. Local authorities did NOT stop this child from terminating the pregnancy.

    From the article:
    “La señora descartó por completo que entre sus posibilidades exista llevar a cabo un aborto, porque desde el momento en que se enteraron de que Amalia estaba embarazada ya no era una sola vida por la cual velar, sino también por el ser que Dios le ha regalado y que hoy lleva en su vientre y al que amarán tanto como a la prematura madre.”

    Translation: The woman (mother) completely denied that among the possibilities is an abortion, because from the moment Amalia became pregnant, it wasn’t a single life to watch but also the gift from God she now carries in her womb that will be loved the same as the too young mother.

    It goes on to say she was offered assistance from an organization in Mexico City but decided not to accept it because it was for an abortion and she felt that presented more risk to her daughter at that stage of the pregnancy than to carry out the birth.

    Here is the link to the article in Diario de Quintana Roo if you read Spanish and would like to check http://www.dqr.com.mx/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=33665&Itemid=63.

  • John

    A 11-year old is in no state to give birth. The increase hormonal production at such a young age will permanently damage her body. Not only that, her vagina isn’t fully matured….she could of died.

  • http://karlaporter.com Karla

    John – I was simply correcting the erroneous facts in the English report. The headline is sensationalistic and inaccurate. The article also says the child has been placed under high risk obstetric care and the mother reported that physicians are satisfied with the progress of the pregnancy and condition of the baby and mother. At this point it seems the only thing to do is hope for the best. I suppose if necessary she’ll have a cesarean delivery. Such trauma for a child. First a rape and then 9 month pregnancy and then birth. Not to mention how the rest of her life was changed for her…….

  • Pete

    Just think if you were that 11 year old girl.
    You would be scared and confused and just want the baby gone.
    That poor girl. She should never have been in that position.

  • dennycrane

    Tell me one damn thing a religion does for you.

    (cricket noises)

  • dennycrane

    Oh, here is one item it does for you:


  • DontTreadOnMyBody

    The ‘Pro-Life’ name is a lie. Pro-Life should be re-termed ‘Pro-Fetus’ or even ‘Anti-child’ because that more accurately reflects their stance! The religious fundamentalists that say all life is precious don’t have policy beliefs that are Pro-Child at all. These fundies are against social welfare. They don’t want universal healthcare or government run education. They don’t want food stamps to help feed that child once it’s born. These same fundies are all about putting business profits before actual people and Privatization that only the few and well-connected can afford. The Fundies also are ‘Pro-Death Penalty’. Seems to me that there is too much hypocrisy with the Anti-Child Religious Right.

  • getaclue

    This is a wedge issue that keeps the proles fighting while the rich continue to rob us blind.

  • PmP

    The fundamentalists who decry the ‘killing’ of a fetus do not take into account that the fetus goes straight to heaven. Even the Catholic church no longer believes in Limbo so it seems a win/win situation. The mother is happy, the fetus is happy so where is the problem?

  • Jackie

    The US has it’s own horror stories as we see many molested kids go unreported. We even had a GOP member who selected kids to have sex with and his fellow Republicans protected him from prosecution. Americans Christians hold life dearly but the actions of many adults are just the opposite. We see Christian Priest raping kids in the church. Morals are low all around the World and the children suffer. Raping a child or man/woman has become part of even the US torture policy as we have seen it done in Gitmo.

  • Dirk

    @7 Quan,
    most Americans support abortion. The nutjobs are the most vocal because they are losing.

  • Crczacm

    I gotta call Bull $hiT on that last part.. 5 years old, really!!!

  • Guest
  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WQXKFTXBH4LYR3KS6JIVS62L74 Charlotte

    No. It’s true and well documented with photos. The child was taken to a doctor and a cesarian section was performed. She had some kind of hormonal abnormality. As far as the father, it was never known, but was probably a brother.