Craigslist removes its controversial adult section


(WIREUPDATE) — The online classified website Craigslist has removed its controversial Adult Services portion of its website. Technology blog TechCrunch was the first to report the section had been blacked out with the word "Censored."

In August several state attorneys general called for the closing down of the Adults Services section on Craigslist due to the continued prostitution advertisements and continuing public outrage.

A multi-state letter was sent to Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster and founder Craig Newmark, claiming that because craigslist cannot or will not be capable of screening adult services ads, it should stop accepting them altogether and shut down the section.

“Craigslist clearly lacks the wherewithal — or will — to fight flagrant prostitution ads that persist on its site,” the letter said. “Prostitution is a booming business on craigslist, perhaps more than ever before.”

“We understand that prostitution is profitable — but its human toll is intolerable, and craigslist should cease being an enabler. Despite its much-touted ‘manual review’ of Adult Services, craigslist has failed to block blatant prostitution ads.”

The section was shut down on Friday night to all users in the United States, but is still viewable by international users.



WireUpdate and BNO News contributed to this article.

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  • WireUpdate

    Craigslist removes its controversial adult section –

  • a4ashu

    RT @WireUpdate: Craigslist removes its controversial adult section –

  • Anonymous Poster

    So, let me get this straight.

    Instead of using Craigslist to actually catch the people OFFERING illegal services, the people who complained about Craigslist just drove those people further underground and made it even harder to catch them.


  • Max

    Ridiculous! There’s tons of these sites out there to find escorts like
    why bother a great site like craigslist. I liked finding a room mate & a prostitute in the same place.

  • Name

    So much for the land of the free, where bravery is the politically correct term for prudishness.

  • Ben

    The “human toll” of prostitution is almost entirely due to prohibition, the forcing of these people underground and away from the protections and venues afforded to all normal commerce and service. Just as it is in the war on drugs, and as it was in the days of alcohol prohibition.

    The moment you try to shift consensual, informed commerce into an illegal act, *you* have become the danger to society.

  • Nicholas Dodd

    Truly ridiculous, human toll my arse. There are plenty of perfectly legitimate lone business-women who make a living like this. Regulate out the human suffering, not the business.

  • davidwr

    [resent - delete if it's a duplicate]

    Ben, while there is no doubt making a line of work illegal or very difficult to do legally – be it trafficking guns or drugs, prostitution, gambling or even something innocuous like running a home business in cities that make it virtually impossible to run one legally does make it more dangerous for those who wish to work in those areas, some professions are almost inherently exploitive.

    Prostitution is one of them. So are most careers that most people will only do if they can’t get a better job. No matter how well regulated, how safe, and how well paid prostitution is, most people would only work in that area if they couldn’t find a different job that paid the same. You see the same thing in the legal adult-film industry: Except for the few who get the benefit of fame and fortune, those who think they will get that benefit through the adult film industry and a few nymphomaniacs getting paid to enjoy what they might do for free anyways, most on-screen talent would just assume do something else if it paid as much.

    The question is not “is prostitution more harmful to society than no prostitution” – there’s a mountain of evidence to say it is and little to say it isn’t – but rather “what is the best way to eliminate the harm of prostitution – by outlawing it, by heavily regulating it, or by treating it like any other profession.” Each society has to come up with its own answer to that question.

  • willy

    amazing how the stupid majority keeps preventing the intelligent minority from what they want but this too shall be dealt with in a manner that they cannot stop, its just a matter of time

  • Joe Blow

    According to this logic they should shut down the United States government because prostitution (payoffs)can’t be controlled and screened there either.
    To whom it may concern

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  • Denver

    Forget Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal, there are two types of people in the world, those who wish to control others, and those who have no such desire.

  • Bryan

    Is it only called prostitution if money is exchanged?
    I know it took dinner at a nice restraunt in order for anything “good” to happen later with most of the women I dated. My wife included. It seems the more we shower women gifts the more we may get in return.

    I fail to see how this is different, especially when the both of you are dating others at the same time.

    I understand many of you, especially womem, will find this offensive. Please think about it and think about this.

    Other than B-day,XMAS and other special days I cannot remember even once getting a gift just for the heck of it. I do know that I buy some type of gift or do somehting nice for my wife at least once a month. She buys me nothing, even though she works and makes decent money. I don’t want anything except some good nuggy!