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(WIREUPDATE) ABC’s and J.J.Abrams spy-drama "Alias" is reportedly being looked at by ABC officials and rebooted in the near future. E! television correspondent Kristin Dos Santos wrote on her Watch with Kristin blog that there is nothing official about a reboot, but they are very very serious about it. The new version of "Alias" would [...]

(WIREUPDATE) — Did you still have questions about some of the Lost mysteries and didn’t get a satisfying answer in the series finale? Yes, we still have lots of questions too, like why did The Others want Walt? CollegeHumor produced a short clip of some of the most common unanswered questions. See more funny videos [...]

(WIREUPDATE) Lost came to an end on Saturday night and that ending sent the entire internet into a heated debate about what it all meant. Were the characters stuck in purgatory all this time? Or just for this season? The Lost producers have long sworn that the show would never have a purgatory reset. With [...]

(WIREUPDATE) — So, last night we saw the season finale of ‘Lost.’ Like it or don’t, but YouTube-user “MeMe and MiMi” certainly wasn’t pleased. “I am a HUGE HUGE [L]ost fan,” she wrote – still sobbing in tears. “This is my reaction to the series finale. Lets just say… it didn’t go over well.” Youtube [...]

(WIREUPDATE) — Lost fans were treated to a special question and answer session with the cast of the now concluded series "Lost". On hand to answer questions were Matthew Fox, Terry O’Quinn, and Michael Emerson . The video is split up into three separate clips and that we have attached below. Related Articles:    — [...]

(WIREUPDATE) "Lost" producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse dished some very awesome alternate endings to their island-based drama last night on the Jimmy Kimmel special show, "Aloha to Lost". The alternate endings were inspired by other famous show endings, including Survivor, Sopranos, and the Bob Newhart show.  Related Articles:    — Lost Season Finale – [...]

(WIREUPDATE) — So. Last night we saw the season finale of Lost. At least, if you live in the United States. But, if you are stuck in one of those other countries and can’t wait to find out what happened, we have it for you! Of course, a lot of spoilers ahead. So, here it [...]

(WIREUPDATE) Since the beginning of the Lost’s journey on ABC the producers have sworn up and down that the show would never get explained away as the characters being stuck in an afterlife similar to purgatory. With the season finale they sort of broke that promise and also walked a fine line not to break [...]

(WIREUPDATE) The final season of Lost just concluded and here is a quick synopsis of the final scenes. *WARNING* These are spoilers! Jack and Kate drive to a church, where Christian Shepherds casket was delivered earlier in the day. Kate tells Jack that it is time for them to leave. Jack goes to the back [...]

(WIREUPDATE) The iconic television "Lost" is making its final approach to the runway at the ABC airport. Lost and the mysterious crash of Oceanic 815 will be missed by fans. WireUpdate has gathered some of the most memorable quotes from the series; From Deus Ex Machina: Jack: [diagnosing Sawyer] Have you ever had sex with [...]

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