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(WIREUPDATE.com) CBS News‘s infamous crowd-size prediction experts are at work again!  In an article that was published moments after Sarah Palin’s remarks, CBS News claimed more Pro-Union supporters showed up at Saturday’s Tea Party Rally in Madison Wisconsin. According to photographic evidence from local media outlet WISC Channel3000.com the exact opposite is true. The Tea Party largely outnumbered the counter-rally [...]

(WIREUPDATE.com) — Former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin took the gloves off at a Tea Party in Madison Wisconsin on Saturday leading many to declare this was her comeback speech. Quotables (via Tammy Bruce): “I’m here as a former union member and wife of a union member…as the daughter of a family full of schoolteachers” “Our president isn’t [...]

Francis Fox Piven appeared on MSNBC Monday evening to discuss the far-fetching theory that Glenn Beck is putting Piven in harm’s way just by mentioning her name on his television program. In an interview with MSNBC fill-in host Cenk Uygur, Piven said that when she first heard of “The Glenn Beck Phenomenon” she laughed and [...]

The mainstream media is at it again with distorting reality and fiction. They are pulling out all the stops this time by declaring the quickly aging 78-year-old Francis Fox Piven is the victim of violent rhetoric from Glenn Beck fans. According to Gawker via The New York Times, Glenn Beck fans are so enraged at [...]

(WIREUPDATE) — One of CNN’s last true journalists was on his game tonight. In an interview with Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN), Anderson Cooper pointed out the hypocrisy the two-term Congressman has been spewing as of late between civility in public discourse and his comments calling Republicans Nazis and Tea Party attendees members of the KKK. [...]

(WIREUPDATE) — Every so often it is fun to play the out-of-context game with Glenn Beck. Sure, some may say it’s sophomoric, but Thursday’s episode was filled with classic quotes that can only be enjoyed in their completely out-of-context form. Such as when Glenn says “Oral fixation , I want you to remember oral fixation [...]

(WIREUPDATE) — “President Obama urges civility in public discourse.” Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh quoted on Thursday a television segment reported by MSNBC’s Chuck Todd, “When I think of the left-wing I think of civil – Don’t you?” Rush listed several left-wing organizations who have used questionable uncivil actions in their protests of George [...]

When was the last time you went to a memorial service that had its own theme…and t-shirts… and a wildly inappropriate theme at that: “Together We Thrive”. Michelle Malkin dubbed it a “bizarre pep rally”. I think she had it right. ‘Together We Thrive: Tucson and America’ was the theme for tonight’s memorial/presidential pep rally. [...]

(WIREUPDATE) — This may come as a shock to many people on the right, but it is true – Glenn Beck does have a history in his 33 years of broadcasting of saying violent rhetoric on the air. The one and only example repeated by the liberal blogs and commentators happened on May 17th, wait [...]

(WIREUPDATE) — Social media and liberal websites are convinced rhetoric from conservative talk show host Glenn Beck are what caused 22-year-old Jared Loughner to gun down 19 people, including Congresswoman Gabriel Giffords, on Saturday.  While there is no proof that Jared Loughner was a Glenn Beck fan they claim the things Glenn Beck says can [...]

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