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Minneapolis, Minnesota (WIREUPDATE) — Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich got a golden glitter shower Tuesday night at a book signing in Minneapolis. Left-wing activist ‘prankster’ Robert Erickson poured a box full of glitter on the Presidential Candidate before being escorted out of the building. “Feel the Rainbow!” Erickson is seen shouting in a [...]

(WIREUPDATE.com) — A new series of videos released over the weekend reportedly shows Boston Police assisting Pro-Union supporters disrupt a Boston Tea Party event. The video published on Youtube by user Bluesmovers shows a group of Pro-Union supporters march in front the Tea Party’s speaking platform and remain there for the duration of the event. [...]

(WIREUPDATE.com) CBS News‘s infamous crowd-size prediction experts are at work again!  In an article that was published moments after Sarah Palin’s remarks, CBS News claimed more Pro-Union supporters showed up at Saturday’s Tea Party Rally in Madison Wisconsin. According to photographic evidence from local media outlet WISC Channel3000.com the exact opposite is true. The Tea Party largely outnumbered the counter-rally [...]